What is the Evaluation Hub?

The Evaluation Hub is a resource available to all members of the Department of Family Medicine (DFM) - that brings together evaluation expertise and resources via one easy access point. The DFM has made available a limited amount of funding to facilitate access to evaluation consultation services at no cost to you.

If you are working on a departmental program or project that needs evaluation help, the Hub is here to support you!  


How do I request help from the Hub?

  • Step 1: Tell Us About Your Project

    Complete Evaluation Assistance Form. 
    If you have questions or would like help, contact the Evaluation Specialist.

  • Step 2: Contact from Evaluation Specialist

    The Hub’s Evaluation Specialist will contact you within two business days to gather further detail or book Step 3.

  • Step 3: Meet with the Hub

    The Evaluation Specialist will connect you to appropriate evaluation experts to discuss your evaluation needs and create a plan for next steps.

 Support for all mission areas?

Yes! - There are many projects that DFM faculty and staff can bring to the Hub for evaluation assistance.


What types of help can I get from the Evaluation Hub?

  • Help plan your evaluation at the start of your project

  • Help define your evaluation question(s) and objectives

  • Guide the development of your evaluation design and plan

  • Assist with evaluation measure(s) selection or development

  • Provide tips and strategies for reporting and implementing your evaluation results

What does the Evaluation Hub expect from me?

Request for Evaluation Assistance

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